Welcome to Our Website!

G838owners.com is a new and exciting place to synchronize the interests and needs of M151 series Military Vehicle enthusiasts.


G838owners.com is now active with our store.  As interests grow and are sometimes lost, parts and vehicles become available in garages and warehouses across the country and in other countries.  The mission of this store is to give you a place to look for parts and vehicles that have been acquired but are no longer needed.  We will provide a venue to post items, individually, or in bulk.  In some cases, we will help sell your parts individually, with you shipping them from your location.  Other times, we may assist you in selling off your entire collection at one time.

The store will be organized in generalized groupings with the prices posted and the convenience of a shopping cart.  Shipping will be added at checkout.

Payments will be online using PayPal or Credit Card.


After the store is debugged and running smoothly, G838owners will set up a Discussion Board.  This is a place you can discuss projects, post ideas, post pictures, find answers, or ask questions.  Yes, you will be able to upload pictures directly to your post within reason.  Size and numbers may be restricted to keep the site moving quickly.


G838owners will offer a place to park reference materials relating to the M151, M151A1, M151A2, and all the variants.